2016 was a massive year for the digital signage industry, creating a renewed buzz as we gear up for this year’s stellar exhibition. DSE 2017 is set to be the most eagerly anticipated yet since its launch in 2004. Outdoor digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, thinks the industry is going to be epic this year. Here’s why…

The digital signage experience has been elevated to a whole new level in 2016, with bigger and bolder projects happening worldwide as vendors aim to create personalized digital experiences across all industry sectors.

2016 saw a significant shift in attitudes towards digital signage, highlighting that the industry has really matured. Less time is now being spent on convincing the marketplace that they need digital. Instead, buyers are opting to go digital ‘organically’, requiring very little persuasion.

Declining investment in traditional media in favor of digital systems is a sign that buyers are finding the marketplace more affordable and accessible. The digital phenomenon continues to tighten its grip on industry sectors such as retail, restaurants, healthcare, education, hospitality and transportation, plus a number of other key areas.

What put digital signage on the map in 2016?

While digital signage continues to grow in stature across various industry sectors, a couple of sporting events that took place in 2016 undoubtedly put ‘digital’ well and truly in the spotlight…

First, there was the small matter of the Euro 2016 Football Tournament hosted by France.

Broadcast to and attended by millions all over the world, not only did digital displays play a significant role in delivering the action to those in France without a ticket, but it was a valuable outlet for sponsors and brands to showcase themselves on the world stage.

Equally, a whole host of LCD, LED and plasma screens of all shapes, sizes and orientations were deployed across several of the stadiums used during the tournament, serving a variety of purposes including:

  • Entertainment;
  • Menu boards; and
  • Wayfinding

Screening England’s ‘unexpected’ loss to Iceland, Germany losing to France, Spain crashing out to Italy, Poland losing out to Portugal in the Quarter-Finals and France suffering the same fate in the final at the hands of the Portuguese

Secondly, the world turned its attention to matters of Olympic glory as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, welcomed 206 countries, competing across 306 events, held at 37 venues.

Similar to Euro 2016, a vast array of digital displays were utilized at venues across the Olympic Park, primarily for displaying wayfinding information. The abundance of digital screens on show certainly made an impact, almost as much as the Olympic diving pool turning green!

Off the back of playing such a key role at high-profile sporting events, digital signage has certainly done itself no harm in raising its profile. For this reason, DSE 2017 will be buzzing as delegates and vendors alike will be looking to capitalize on the ‘digital’ revolution, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Post  by Daniel Waldron

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