homefield vets

Homefield Road Veterinary Surgery was opened in April 2009 in Haverhill, Suffolk, by partners Richard Frost and Sally Rackham. Their aim is to provide the highest quality veterinary care in state of the art facilities with a professional and personal service. They have been providing such a service at their successful first practice, Hawkedon Vets, Bury St Edmunds since 1996.

Whatever the time of day (or night if it is an emergency) their team are always happy to welcome you and your pet.

Their vets and nurses will always give your pets the attention and quality care that you think they deserve.

The practice provides all the veterinary services you would expect for your pet as well as selling pet food and sundries from their spacious reception area.

They have a dedicated operating theatre and all their nurses and vets are trained and continually updating their knowledge in anaesthesia and surgery from the routine to complex fracture repairs. They have visiting specialists for more complex orthopaedic or opthalmological surgeries.

Stray animals are often brought in to them and they  find it easy to reunite them with their owners if they are microchipped. They recommend microchipping for every pet and it is a requirement for those pets that are travelling  abroad to Europe on holidays

They are very happy to come to your house to examine your pet but would like you to know that they cannot carry all the possible equipment or drugs needed for every case and very often they know that your pet may need hospital treatment from the descriptions that you give. Routine appointments and emergency treatments are therefore better performed at the surgery.

They understand that you may wish to have your pet put down at home and when that time comes they are happy to send a vet and a nurse to allow your pets last moments to be in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Their vets are trained local veterinary inspectors and they can provide all the advice and services you require to export your animals

They always hope that they can say that their clients have the healthiest pets in Suffolk! To try and achieve this their practice provides healthcare plans , not only to keep your pets in top health but also your purses too, by  spreading the cost of routine healthcare throughout the year at a discounted rate. As members of the scheme they also give you a 10% discount on all of their services for your pet should the need arise. Payments are taken by direct debit monthly and this spreads the cost of vaccination, worming and flea control over twelve months. Nail clips, microchips and two health checks a year are included in the scheme.

Socialisation is an important part of a puppy’s development. One of their nurses, has puppy parties every other Thursday afternoon and their reception area is filled with puppies. Not only are they a great deal of fun but it gives your puppy a chance to see and socialise and, most importantly, play with other puppies. Their nurses and  vets are happy to answer any of your questions at the time.