The growth of the Digital Signage industry over the past decade has created a huge trend within the travel and tourism industries, and its usage is expanding as no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic and real-time content (in sometimes remote locations) for maximum customer-influence. From public information and off-the-fly updates; to exploring the possibilities of your next destination – here’s just a few ways in which DOOH can improve the travel industry.

Real-Time Travel News and Updates

Ever been stuck in an airport with only Twitter to give you that all-important information on a flight delay? Digital Signage can provide a great solution to provide instant travel updates at any remote location from the click of a button at your business HQ. Not only are Digital Kiosks a great way to share public information in a visual and attention-grabbing way, but interactive options can allow customers to self-serve and find information that’s most useful to them. Whether it be a contact for customer services, the local weather at their destination or the time of an upcoming event – Digital Signage can provide the right answer from the right location.

Enticing Wanderlust

Nothing can showcase a potential travel-adventure to your clients quite like Digital Signage. Unlike traditional static imagery such as posters and brochures, dynamic digital signage can expertly portray real-life travel experience in all its 4D glory. The sights, sounds and emotions of travelling can be explored using the latest in HD video-imagery, enticing the wanderlust of the budding travellers who view it.  Not only is it a visually-stunning medium, but it also allows deals, offers and information to be updates instantly, saving the immediate heartache of sold-out trips and associated costs of printing. Virtual brochures, insight-videos and interactive travel reviews are all a possibility with Digital Signage.


Using the latest satellite technology, Digital Signage kiosks can be used as an interactive way-finding experience. Whether travellers want to generate an A to B route, or simply find out more about what the neighbourhood has to offer; Digital Signage can encourage tourists to navigate new locations and begin a unique way of exploration.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Push Marketing

It’s a lesser-known fact that Digital Signage kiosks can be used as hub for internet connectivity with provision of public Wi-Fi. Not only does this provide an incredibly useful service for on-the-go travellers, but can save you customers a pretty penny which gives great kudos to your business for a true ‘wow’ factor. Once customers have connected to your signage network, it then becomes possible to send them news, updates and offers using push notifications via their mobiles phones. What other medium has can provide so much potential benefit?

Creating Extra Revenue

Not only can Digital Signage provide you and your customers with an array of practical benefits, it’s also a fantastic way to boost your income and generate more ROI to your business. Does your company offer less popular services such as travel insurance; baggage additions or flight flexi-passes? Digital Animation is a great way to showcase you exclusive offers, travel-essentials and up-sell to customers in a highly persuasive yet non-invasive way.  You can also use your Digital Signage to sell advertisement space, promoting other local businesses and related services of interest to your customers!

Consumer Feedback

Interactive Digital Signage kiosks are great way to engage customer’s curiosity and involve them with giving feedback with a touch-screen. Your signage kiosk can collect this data which can be analysed to influence further marketing campaigns and further increase your ROI.

Written by: Hannah May – Social Marketing Exec