Digital Signage displays are fantastic tools for education establishments, enabling users to impart knowledge in a visual, accessible way. The user friendly nature and extensive functionality of our signage displays can play a big part in enhancing students’ understanding of the content displayed on screen, and encourage positive engagement with classroom discussions.


inVoke Digital Signage have a talented in-house team of designers who can create custom content for your school’s digital signage. We take charge of the entire design and installation process, all done to your specifications, so getting our commercial-grade AdScreens at your establishment has never been easier. We operate nationwide, so no matter where you are, inVoke Digital Signage will help you connect with your student base.

Communication is key

Internal communication is an area which is often overlooked within schools; having hundreds of students on site creates the need to convey information to them as quickly as possible – this is essential in order to ensure the smooth running of an education facility. Digital Signage is an excellent tool for internal communication within schools, colleges and universities – whether it’s notifying students of changes to timetables or informing them of upcoming school events and emergency announcements, our digital screens can be updated instantly making them a worthwhile investment for any education establishment.

Show-stopping signage

Something we have noticed becoming increasingly popular among schools, colleges and universities recently is installing video walls in reception areas and event spaces, and it’s easy to understand why. Through their ability to scale to fit any space, our video walls are suitable for any size of school and are are a focal point for students and visitors. They can be used as backdrops for ceremonies, performances and events, or to relay important information to visitors, students and parents.

About Digital Signage for Schools from inVoke

inVoke Digital Signage provides commercial-grade Android AdScreens that are designed to run 24/7 to schools up and down the country. All our displays are fitted with an LCD panel and backlit with LEDs, improving visibility for your students. Our digital signage for schools can be in either  landscape and portrait mode and feature no buttons, controls, logos or branding. This reduces the risk of the screens being accidentally turned off or vandalised.

We have a team of in-house designers that can create custom content for your school, improving engagement with your student base, promoting events and campaigns and helping everyone on-site navigate the premises more easily.

Some of the most effective Digital Signage tools to help educators achieve engagement and understanding are our displays. This technology has proved to be incredibly popular within classrooms and lecture halls, and has all but replaced outdated projectors.

Our displays are user friendly and able to be installed seamlessly into any education environment. Purpose built for presenting and teaching, the large size of our displays  (55”, 65” and 70”) ensure that every student is able to comfortably view the screen regardless of where they are sitting.

To further their functionality for use within classrooms, the displays have been given a frosted etched finish on screen which diffuses light instead of reflecting it back. This helps the screens to remain clear and easily legible whatever their environment.

Which Digital Signage product is right for you?

Let us help you choose which type of Digital Signage is ideal for your education facility or business:

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