Digital Signage solutions are often used in educational institutions, with video walls in particular gaining in popularity. This is because video walls are user friendly, multi-functional and can be made to fit in any space. They can be used in events or ceremonies as a backdrop, or installed in school reception areas to relay valuable information to staff, students and visitors. 

Regarding the latter point, Digital Signage screens can display:

  • Emergency announcements

  • New or revised timetables

  • Information on extracurricular activities or upcoming school events

  • Student body announcements

  • Real time posts from the educational institution’s social media channels

  • Wayfinding information

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Bespoke Solutions

Digital Signage for education is not restricted to video walls. Interactive and internal display screens are often used in lecture halls or classrooms to replace projectors and provide students with unique audio-visual learning experiences. 

Purpose-built for presentations and teaching, our displays come in sizes as large as 55”, 65” and 70”. This ensures that every student is able to comfortably view the screen regardless of where they are seated. Furthermore, our displays are anti-reflective with a frosted-etched finish, to make the screen clear and easy to read no matter the environment.

And if you want, our studio can work with you to create dynamic, bespoke content for your school’s Digital Signage displays.

Which Digital Signage product is right for you?

inVoke Digital Signage video wall

Video Wall

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inVoke Digital Signage - infared interactive education screen


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“The animation perfectly replicates the school’s ethos and vision. They look incredible.”

St Williams School

Our Clients

Here’s an example of one of our clients in the education industry who makes use of our Digital Signage to engage with visitors and students.
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St Williams Primary School

Why choose inVoke?

  • Nationwide 600+ installations for as little as £3 a day

  • Our graphic design team is here to help if you want custom branded content

  • Brand development with our quality Digital Signage displays

  • Our full-HD commercial-grade screens run 24/7

  • Plug and play functionality, or load content on the media player via Wi-Fi with our cloud-based CMS

  • Easily manage and update screen content for 1 (or 1000) screens 

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