Using Digital Signage can be of benefit to a range of different entertainment venues, including cinemas, casinos, museums, theme parks and sports clubs to name just a few. Digital Signage gives you the chance to better communicate your offering to your audience than other forms of advertising like static posters.

Digital Signage is a smart advertising solution that enables you to effectively and quickly inform customers of limited time offers and advertise attention-grabbing promotions for products, services and upcoming events.

inVoke Digital Signage provides custom-designed, commercial-grade AdScreens to heritage & attraction sites across the country. We have an in-house design team and take charge of the full installation process for you, so it’s 100% hassle-free!

All of our Digital Signage has been designed to be user friendly and easy to update with new content. This means that should there be anything you no longer want to display on the screen, or something you wish to add, you will be able to do so instantly.

Improve customer experience

As well as being used to inform, educate and promote to your target audience, Digital Signage is an effective way to improve the overall customer experience. From snippets of historical information to maps that help guests navigate your tourist destination, digital screens can create an atmosphere of engagement and excitement.

Advertising opportunities

For venues with a typically large amount of footfall, Digital Signage provides you with opportunity to explore the possibility of offering on-screen advertising space. This is where companies pay money to be displayed on your Digital Signage to advertise their services or products to your customer base.

Which Digital Signage product is right for you?

Let us help you choose which type of Digital Signage is ideal for your heritage or attraction business:

inVoke Digital Signage outward-facing advertising screens

Shop Window

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inVoke Digital Signage Android free-standing digital screens


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inVoke Digital Signage outdoor digital screen


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“The excellently designed content on our inVoke advertising screens attract passersby and provide information on our attractions – awesome. “

Norwich Museums

A few examples

Here are just a few examples of our heritage and attraction clients who have gained attracted more visitors with the help of our Digital Signage.
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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Castle Museum

Canadian Embassy

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