Commercial Grade, 24/7 use, display sizes 32” to 75”, Landscape/Portrait. Ideal to promote products, services & treatments you offer.

Upload content to the inbuilt android media player via USB or Cloud CMS and schedule different content to play at different times of the day, add scrolling text, video and animation to create a dynamic visual display.

inVoke Digital Signage offer a qualified professional installation service and our in-house Design Studio will create AWESOME content for you that you can also use on your website and social media campaigns.

Grab Attention & BOOST Sales!

Our commercial-grade Digital Signage solutions have many benefits to the professional services sector. For example, they can be used to:

  • Improve internal communications

  • Promote company culture by displaying the personal or professional achievements of staff, social media posts, upcoming events, staff resources, etc.

  • Enhance customer experiences

  • Cross-sell services

  • Display promotions and offers

  • Broadcast emergency messaging

Our professional displays, like our video walls, can also be used in meeting rooms for presentations, or in reception rooms for wayfinding purposes and to leave a powerful first impression.

Corporate Digital Signage Displays

Our digital signs are made from high-quality materials and run 24/7. The Digital Signage software is designed to be user-friendly, so that content management is a hassle-free process, and any updates can be made in real-time with the click of a button. 

Furthermore, our studio of experienced design professionals works with you to create bespoke content (such as animations, videos, etc.) that meet your needs and grab the attention of visitors.

Which Digital Signage product is right for you?

nightingale insurance shop window screen playing animated video about car insurance with them

Shop Window

Norfolk museum free standing sign promoting monthly event showcasing female voices throughout history


“You can’t fail to notice our video wall – it provides everyone who sees it with information on what we offer. Our enquiries increased significantly as a direct result of installation.”

The Union Building

Our Clients

Here are just a few examples of our clients in the professional services sector that use Digital Signage for a range of purposes including to attract new clients.
Contact us today to find out how you can do the same!

Canadian Embassy shop window screen advertising their services and how they help citizens

Canadian Embassy

M + A Partners

Citizens Advice

Why choose inVoke?

  • Nationwide 850+ installations for as little as £3 a day

  • Our graphic design team is here to help if you want custom branded content

  • Brand development with our quality Digital Signage displays

  • Our full-HD commercial-grade screens run 24/7

  • Plug and play functionality, or load content on the media player via Wi-Fi with our cloud-based CMS

  • Easily manage and update screen content for 1 (or 1000) screens 

Ready to get started?

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