Waiting in a medical reception can often be a daunting experience for anyone; whether it be listening to the drill at the dentist or in the blood-test queue at your local GP, often there are other places that we’d all rather be. Although it may not be the first thought in combatting patient-anxiety, use of Digital Signage is an ever-expanding medium being used to create a patient-friendly atmosphere in medical and dental practices.

Interactive and Confidential Check-In

Interactive Digital Kiosks provide a great self-check in service to allow patients and privacy which can often be lost when sharing otherwise confidential details with a receptionist across a crowded waiting room. Access to a digital sign-in desk can also create a dramatic reduction in patient waiting time and allow front-desk staff to focus on providing other more necessary services.

Promote Public Health Information and Services

The human brain is naturally attuned to taking notice of moving imagery and this subconscious focus can be used to grab the attention of your waiting patients. HD video and animations can be used as an engaging way to provide vital public health information and instructions to your practise visitors, which could ultimately help save a life. Digital Signage can also be a beneficial way of providing information about additional clinics and services (such as family planning) in a discreet and professional way. This can be of most importance to patients who are unable to make a request or speak about their confidential needs during a visit.

Ease Patient Anxiety

Sometimes the sights and sounds of a medical practice is enough to induce a level of anxiety into patients. With its rich, dynamic imagery and focus on information delivery – Digital Signage can act as a great distraction method to create a sense of calm to otherwise heightened emotions. Signage displays can also be used to show popular television clips and other sources of entertainment to cure patient-boredom and have been proven to cut perceived waiting times by 35%. For more time-savvy patients, digital signage systems can integrate with appointment software to allow the monitoring of their wait-time and progression in the queue.

Wayfinding and Connectivity

Pop-up Digital Signage kiosks can be a great way of helping your patients navigate their way through hospital wards and clinics through touch-screen mapping and wayfinding systems. It’s also a cost-effective way of ensuring patients can maintain in contact with their loved ones by providing Wi-Fi connectivity direct from the unit.

Added Value To Your Organisation

Whether you’re working in a health clinic or providing cosmetic dentistry, there are always additional services offered which are lesser-known to your service-users. Digital Signage is a fantastic way to promote additional services such as teeth whitening or travel vaccinations, providing a boost to your organisations overall ROI. It’s also possible to use your Digital Signage a means of creating revenue by sale of ad-space, promoting local businesses and related services of interest to your patients.