Digital Signage is changing and improving the ways in which educational institutes communicate with pupils, staff and visitors. It allows schools, colleges and universities to reach their audience with engaging, relevant and consistent messages, by schedule or in real time.
Whether you have 1 or 50 screens, it provides an easy to use platform to interact with and inform students and staff, ensuring the right message goes out at the right time to the right people.
How can I use digital signage in my school?
The possibilities for your content are as many and varied as the students that will see it. Here are some examples of usage and information you could soon be distributing too.
☑️Welcome visitors
☑️Advertise facilities and resources to new parents
☑️Policy reminders
☑️Highlight pupil, team or school achievements
☑️Promote extra curricular activities and events
☑️Timetables, schedules and events
☑️School menus and healthy eating
☑️Emergency information
☑️Social responsibility messaging
☑️Weather forecasts
☑️Revenue generation through advertising