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More visible than your competitors

Running a bricks-and-mortar premises means competing for attention with your neighbours 24/7. Customers are only going to spend so much money on each shopping trip, so it’s up to each individual outlet to secure their share. Your shop needs to:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Advertise the promotional deals

An outdoor shop sign from inVoke Digital achieves all of this and more. We design and provide bespoke digital displays that capture 400% more attention than static signs, increase footfall and boost sales revenue. inVoke Digital’s dynamic solutions are already in use all across Great Britain.

Outside shop signs that are as dynamic as you

inVoke Digital is home to a team of design and technical experts that create entirely custom solutions for clients in every industry. Whether you’re a beauty salon, retailer, restaurant or charity shop, we can create an outdoor shop sign that supports your brand identity while making you more visible than ever before.

Our solutions can feature:

  • Stills
  • Animation
  • Cartoons
  • Video content
  • Interactive touch screens
  • RSS feeds

The content featured on your display screen can be as dynamic as you like: from scrolling Twitter feeds to animations that are automatically updated throughout the day and everything in between. This gives you the ability to highlight more than one product or service from a single sign.


  • 22″ to 55″

  • Portrait

  • Can be vinyl wrapped to complement your aesthetics

  • Commercial grade for constant 24/7 use

  • Network compatible for easy upload of new content and RSS feeds

Sizes available

inVoke Digital Signage - available free-standing screen sizes

“Used to help customers navigate our store, everyone notices our free-standing inVoke advertising screen.”

Jarrold Department Store

A few examples

Below are some examples of our many clients who have enjoyed success with our free-standing screens. Contact us today to find out how you can do the same.

Pure Bridal

Jarrold Department Store

Ikon Clothing

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