inVoke Digital Signage video wall installation at All Saints Green Dental Clinic

Since its introduction, Digital Signage has completely transformed the way that healthcare practices operate, ultimately improving the whole healthcare experience for patients. Digital Signage is versatile and can be used to both inform and promote, making it an essential piece of kit in any medical, dental or veterinary surgery.

Digital advertising screens

Digital advertising screens can integrate with a live TV, share information and health advice messages, connect to a social media feed, share engaging pieces of content specific to the local community and much, much more.

Designed with ease of use in mind, our digital advertising screens are incredibly easy for any member of staff to use and upload content to, regardless of how much knowledge they have in IT. This means that if there is an urgent message for patients, for example a temporary closure, a message can be quickly displayed on the screen to inform visitors.

Reduce perceived wait time

Having a consistent flow of new content means that patients have something they can divert their attention to whilst they wait for their appointment. This helps to reduce perceived waiting times, which is often one of the biggest complaints people have when visiting their local healthcare practice.

Which Digital Signage product is right for you?

Let us help you choose which type of Digital Signage is ideal for your healthcare surgery or business:

inVoke Digital Signage Android free-standing digital screens


inVoke Digital Signage Infrared Interactive touch displays

Interactive Touch Screens

With most healthcare practices being large in size, way-finding can often be a stressful experience for both patients and staff. This is especially true for hospitals, where doctors and nurses need to be able to navigate their way around as quickly and easily as possible. This is another area in which our Digital Signage can be of benefit to a healthcare practice. Our user friendly touch displays can be used to show maps which can help patients and staff alike to understand where they are in the building, and guide them to where they need to go.

“The most efficient way to communicate with our patients.”

Thorpewood Medical Practice

A few examples

Here are just a few examples of our healthcare clients who have gained more customers with the help of our Digital Signage.
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All Saints Dental

Thorpewood Medical Practice

Cecil Amey

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