The food and drink industry is a highly competitive and unforgiving place.

With so much advertising flooding the market and minds of consumers at every turn, cutting through the noise to capture their attention can be a challenging task, so we were delighted when Taste of Lahore in Harrow approached us to help them promote their  business .

One of the most effective ways is through using our Android Digital Adscreens. These screens are a brilliant method of promoting a quick and eye-catching snapshot of your offering to consumers, enticing them to buy.

We installed the latest 3,500cd , which are 40% brighter than our predecessor and up to 10 times brighter than a domestic  television. This gives ultimate readability in direct sunlight, ideal for outward-facing windows.

If you are a restaurant and interested  in having Digital Signage, then please do get in touch, we would love to work with you !