All industries and sectors nowadays can use digital signs to their advantage. Whether it’s providing service deals to customers or live information to employees, a digital signage display is an asset.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right digital signage for your business, then we’re here to help. In this post, we will discuss the different uses of digital screens and the industries in which they excel.

Advertising offers

Perhaps the most common use for adscreens is advertising deals and offers in-store. This could be anything from showing your customers a 2-for-1 deal on socks or upselling a beauty service package. A digital advertising screen is a great way to get your customers’ attention, no matter what you’re offering.

This signage doesn’t necessarily have to sit facing inside the building only. With digital window displays, businesses and retailers can advertise their offers to passersby and draw them inside to browse.


Hospitals, schools, museums, government buildings and more can benefit from digital signage solutions displaying directions. These building types are often large and confusing places, so providing clear and easy directions will increase visitor satisfaction. Use a wall-mounted screen display for floor information, or a video wall to provide a detailed layout of the building.

When utilised for site maps, store-level information, and instructions on how to get from A to B, visitors highly appreciate signage screens. Not limited to inside use only, an outdoor digital display sign can direct visitors around car parks, walkways and parks.

Displaying menus

Many establishments go beyond coffee-stained paper menus and creased posters with a menu screen. These digital advertising boards are the perfect tool for enhancing your bar, cafe, takeaway or restaurant. Customers can look at the clear and concise digital displays and find exactly what will tickle their tastebuds with ease.

Not only will customers appreciate the ease of digital menu boards, but they will also elevate the space’s design. Screens are sleek and stylish and blend in with interiors seamlessly while drawing attention to the displayed content.

Showcasing products

If you have a product you want people to see, then a digital display can help. Many shops and hair salons use digital signage to display more details about certain products and services. This kind of information can help convert a customer’s interest into a sale.

Using a screen to show the intricacies of a product’s mechanism or the full run-down of their best dry-cleaning offer is a great way to boost customer intrigue. The more a customer knows about your best, top-of-the-line product or service, the more likely they are to buy it.

Providing information

Many businesses will have a lot of information for their clients, staff, students and visitors, but no way to do it simply. A digital display board is a fantastic way of getting the right info out there with ease.

Maybe you are a museum with an exciting new exhibit on the third floor. You may be a school with a non-uniform day coming up. Perhaps you’re a dentist or pharmacy with health information for your customers. With digital signage screens, you can tell people what they need to know quickly and efficiently.

Live streaming

For some industries, having a constant stream of updated information is crucial. Many businesses need quick access to data, news, or company statistics. Displaying this information on digital screens is an excellent way to get it to those who need it. With digital displays, an office can livestream the local news channel to keep staff updated or display live project figures.

inVoke digital signage solutions

Engaging and eye-catching, digital advertising displays are a must-have tool for businesses of all types. No matter the sector, digital signage is an excellent method of distributing information, advertising products, upselling your services, and more. At inVoke, our speciality is boosting your business with digital signage. We have a wide range of incredible commercial-grade LCD and LED screens to suit your needs, each with a 3-year warranty.

From consultation to installation, we’ll be there to support and advise. We provide professional, dynamic in-house-created content made to your specifications, or we can work with your existing images and videos. With the Cloud CMS or built-in media players on each of our screens, you can stream your content 24/7.

With over 800 installations nationwide, you can trust us to deliver the best service. Get in touch today on WhatsApp at +447518 668275, or by using our simple online contact form.