Walking or driving down the street nowadays, you can’t miss digital signage. These LED and LCD ad screens can be found everywhere, inside and outside, displaying news or ads, promoting brands, or giving those passing by information on your business. They are an incredible way of capturing the attention of passersby and can be very useful for a wide range of sectors and industries. 

So, why choose inVoke for your digital screen needs? Well, we’re the right choice if you’re looking for high-quality commercial ad screens, seamless system management and an in-house content design team just for you. Unlike other digital signage companies, we cover everything you need to display your adverts from start to finish and keep them running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In-house advert design

If you’ve made the decision to boost your business with digital signs but aren’t quite sure where to start, our in-house design team is here to help. Whatever your sector, our team is on hand to create dynamic graphics and animations to promote your business or inform your visitors. Moving images grab the attention of passersby, and our designers are experts in animated graphics that catch the eye of potential customers or visitors.

Having an in-house creative team means you don’t need to stress over coming up with visual content on your own. We will handle your digital advertising needs from conception to display and provide any help needed throughout. Do you want to collaborate on the designs or provide your own ready-made content? Our team and yours can work together to get the perfect visuals for your digital display screens 

Better yet, any material we create for you or with you, you can use it on your website and social media to further boost your brand.

System management

Your inVoke LCD and LED signage screens could not be easier to use. Our team will create and provide the adverts or content for you to upload to the inbuilt Android media player via USB or our cloud CMS. You can then adjust when the graphics play and for how long, from just a few minutes each on repeat to one graphic for 24 hours a day. Your graphics and animations aren’t streamed to the screen; if the connection breaks, the visuals will continue to play no matter what.

Simple to use and manage, you’ll have no trouble displaying your ads, branding or information for all your customers to see. Need some help? We are here to assist with any queries you may have. We believe that every project is a collaboration, so we are with you every step of the way to keep things running smoothly.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on being here for our customers. No matter the query, be it a question about graphics or a concern about usage, we are ready to help. We aim to provide you with expert service, from the first enquiry to the installation and beyond. Nothing you have to ask will be too big or small for our team to tackle.

We are available for a call, email or WhatsApp message whenever you need assistance, always ready to support you with our experience and expertise.

For all your digital advertisement needs

We at inVoke are experts in the field, established in 2015 and with over 800 nationwide installations under our belt. Our goal is to give you only the best, from the signs to the design, from the installation to the service throughout. Whether you’re looking for a video wall, window ad screens an outdoor standing unit or digital menu boards, our range has it all.

If you’re interested in boosting your business, informing your customers or getting your word out, then let us at inVoke help. Our policy is to beat any like-for-like proposals, making us the best value in digital signage you’ll find. Get in touch today and let’s discover what we can do for you.