Put simply, digital signage is an installation that digitally displays content for advertising or informational purposes. These LED and LCD signs are an excellent tool to boost a brand’s reach, give customers information, or even guide passersby to where they need to go.

Whether used to inform restaurant customers about the specials or show visitors which floor they need to be on, digital signs can be a must-have for businesses and services, no matter the industry.

There is a wide range of digital signage displays available today, each type suited to different situations depending on the need, and selecting the ad screen best for you is key. Want to know the kinds of displays on offer? Let’s explore some of the most popular and what they’re used for in today’s digital world.

Shop Window Signage

These special LCD and LED window advertising screens can be single or double-sided and are sun-readable so that people or vehicles passing by will always be able to see the content displayed. The signs are often suspended from the ceiling to leave the glass free of fixtures for a more aesthetically appealing look.

Many stores, restaurants, pharmacies, estate agents, and more use these signs to promote their products and services to all those who walk past. The bonus of the double-sided element means that no one inside will have to stare at the back of a screen – instead, they can look at upselling content targeted at current visitors. Digital window displays are an extremely popular choice for businesses along the high street looking to captivate new customers.

Video Walls

These large digital displays are perfect for large spaces such as hotels, schools, museums, reception areas, and indoor public areas. They grab attention and draw the eye, ready to give viewers the information they need.

These video walls are made up of multiple LCD or LED panels that fit seamlessly together to create any size or shape of video wall needed. Content can then be played on the video wall, including video, animations, photos, graphics, or a live RSS feed. This type of digital display is especially successful in elevating large spaces in style and lends a professional element that people gravitate towards.

Free-Standing Digital Display Totems

This digital display type grabs attention. Often seen outdoors and indoors, this popular signage style is used on the street and in department stores, churches, schools, museums and more. With all sorts of content and information able to be displayed on the screens, these standing installations are at the perfect height for customers, shoppers and visitors to see. 

This type of signage is ideal for providing information due to its eye-level height. Be it store floor levels, information on exhibitions, or upcoming events, the content featured on these stand-out screens is prominent and won’t be missed.

Another excellent free-standing sign option is a rechargeable battery-powered digital A-board, perfect for spaces without mains power, such as the street outside an establishment or in a large, open space like an art exhibition.

Indoor Signage

Wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling, these signs are ideal for way-finding, promoting products and services and for internal communications. With their sleek appearance, these screens blend seamlessly in with interiors while giving customers and visitors an upgrade in their experience.

These ad screens come in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of the location. From upselling cosmetic services to guiding guests to the right floor, these screens are all-rounders, perfect for all industries and sectors.

Outdoor Signage

These types of digital advertising screens are made for outdoor use, as they are vandal-proof and weather-proof. You may have seen these in the street, displaying news stories and local information for passersby, or advertising nearby businesses.

These signs are a great option for letting people know about local events, news and stores. Many shops and restaurants choose outdoor signage mounted to walls to bring people inside, while large attractions like this style of sign to entice people to visit.

Digital Menu Boards

These display screens are used to show customers a menu, often above the order point, helping them make a decision when it comes to a cup of coffee or a freshly made sandwich. These boards are incredibly useful for informing customers of prices, as well as providing them with mouth-watering imagery of what restaurants, bakeries, takeaways and more have on offer.

Digital Signage and Ad Screens from inVoke

We offer the above digital signs and more for your business, no matter your sector or industry. Your screen installations can either play your own content or content created by our expert in-house design team for your potential customers, visitors and guests, elevating their experience in your space.

With over 800 installations nationwide of our commercial-grade screens, each with a 3-year warranty, you can rely on us to provide only the best service and product for your business, event, or organisation. Our digital signs come with a built-in content management system, making uploading your content simple and easy to use. Your ad, graphics, videos and more can be displayed 24/7, depending on your preference.

With our extensive range of screen sizes and styles, you’re certain to find the perfect digital sign for you and your business. Our expert team will be with you every step of the way, from consultation to the installation and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about how digital signage could help you, get in touch today by filling in our online form, calling us on 01603 294000, or sending us a message on WhatsApp.