We’re living in a digital era, and a vast amount of brand advertisement now happens online. Yet those still practicing offline advertising have seen digital media in public venues reach more customers than videos on the Internet or Facebook.

Over half of people who view digital signage are able to recall the message in the advertisement, indicating extended engagement and interaction. With digital signage able to capture 400% more attention than traditional alternatives and achieve valuable engagement that produces sales, it looks to be set to continue as a popular advertising method.

With a demand for quality digital signage, Android signage- also known as Android digital posters, and Android advertising displays – has proven particularly popular. In this blog post, inVoke share their industry expertise to explain why android looks to be the future of digital signage advertising.

inVoke offer a ‘fully managed solution’ for independent traders. We consult on requirements and put forward a complete solution on an affordable monthly rental basis from the equivalent of as little as £3 a day.

We offer everything from supply to installation, and our in-house design team create bespoke attention grabbing, dynamic content which is uploaded and managed remotely via the cloud. Regular changes can also be made remotely, allowing you to keep your offers and seasonal promotions up to date.

Attracting attention

For any advertisement to make an impact, it needs to target the right audience and get them to engage long enough to understand what it is you offer that they need.

But with online and offline marketing bombarding your target audience everywhere from their email inbox to their walk to work, getting noticed is easier said than done.

For an advertisement to be successful it must:

  • Communicate a message
  • Be professional
  • Target the right audience
  • Get noticed and grab attention
  • Allow engagement

Android digital signage

So how does Android digital signage score? As one of the leading providers of high quality digital signage options, Android is a sure way to advertise your content in a premium, professional way that instantly attracts attention and impresses your audience.

With a range of android digital signage options available, including touch screen features, these display options offer your brand a platform which can be used to interact with customers 24/7.

As a name at the top of its game, Android as a brand is constantly developing to better its previous products. As a leader in the digital signage field, if Android continues to develop and improve, they’re sure to be the future for all things digital signage, from menu boards to posters.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to stand out from competitors, android signage could be for you. Contact inVoke Digital Signage now to find out more.